Microtek UPS EB 700 VA UPS Inverter

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Microtek UPS EB 700 VA UPS Inverter

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Input Voltage: 100V-300V 180V-260V, Output Voltage on Mains Mode: Same as Input , Output Voltage on UPS Mode : 210V ± 10 percentage, Output frequency on UPS Mode : 50 Hz ± 0.1 Hz, Switching from Mains to UPS and from UPS to Mains : Automatic, Output Waveform on Mains Mode : Same as Input Output Waveform on UPS Mode : pure sine wave, Battery Charging Current : Constant Charging Approx 10 percentage of The Rated Battery Current in AH, Charger : Power Factor Controlled Boost Technology Efficiency : 80 percentage UPS Overload /, UPS Short Circuit : 110 percentage / 300 percentage UPS Transfer Time : ? 15 msec, Technology : Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Based Intelligent Control Design, Auto Reset Feature : Yes, Battery volts : 12v – Single Battery(Not Included)


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